Holographic Projections – Glimpse of a futuristic technology

“Holographic Projections” – Something that reminds us of Iron man! But gone are days when Iron man is the only person using Holographic Projection technology. This technology is now seriously being taken into consideration and from where I see it, looks like it is going to dominate the future of Social networking, advertising and induce a whole new level of commercialism. My interest in this field dates back to the days when I was an Engineering student. I had come up with a project idea that could change the face of advertising industry. However, things turned out to be complicated but the “idea” still remains and doesn’t seem to leave my mind! So, here is my take on it.

Imagine some rays of lights, forming a meaningful shape that resembles a brand (Eg. Apple, Inc). Now Imagine these formations spread in an area of around 500 sq mts. Now imagine this formation on the top of Apple Head quarter building, visible in a 20 km radius around it. If we have a holographic projector that can be programmed in such a way that that it creates shapes using rays of lights as per an input image file provided to it, we can achieve holographic projections for almost anything. We could then provide this as a brand building tool. Maybe set it up on top of a mountain like the  “Hollywood” sign in LA! The visibility would be incredible and with this kind of technology, just imagine the kind of revenues an organisation providing this technology would generate. Making a holographic projector is complicated, ofcourse, but not impossible. There have been some successful attempts and from a theory I derived (with some immature study) is that if we can have a projector that shoots rays of lights to create these holographic projections, we can also have it linked to a system that would be programmed to a capability to shoot these rays of lights in such a way that it resembles a 3D version of a normal 2D image given to it as an input.

Here is my presentation that gives further details :


A lot of projects and experiments that are currently in progress and I am sure in the near future, this will dominate the way we communicate and advertise.

We can describe all of the interactions between the object and reference beams, as well as the shapes of the interference fringes, using mathematical equations. This makes it possible to program a computer to print a pattern onto a holographic plate, creating a hologram of an object that doesn’t actually exist.this hologram can be used as an input feed to a projector that can help it create the holographic projection. All that it would take is just a great deal of image processing and an accurate mapping algorithm to support the 3D image formation.

If this technology enters the market in the next decade, it is sure to punch digital advertising and internet ad serving right on the face. It will infact, beat up TV advertising. We never know what the future holds in its hands for us, all we can do is invest “now” in making the best of technology before someone else does it and takes the cake away leaving a pastry for you! Just a little food for thought.


Feel free to contact me if you are working on a similar project or topic or have somethings to discuss based on a similar concept.