Top 5 things that make a great Ad Server

As a Computer Engineer, I was always amazed by the ways in which internet can makes us money! And this curiosity got me into an Internet Ad serving technology organisation post graduation. My experience with a number of ad servers and different ad serving models helped me dig into digital marketing optimization. As I was analyzing the pros and cons of different ad servers, I found these 5 things that make the best ad server. These are also the key features that an organisation would consider when they are looking for an ad server.




With end user getting accustomed to basic display ads, we need more innovation with the ad formats to grab the user eye. These also become the key spots for the publisher to attain higher revenues as these formats promise a better reach and CTRs. A win – win for both advertisers and publishers.This is the most important aspect that captures user attentions, gives assured views!



Targeting different geos, keywords, time / days, browsers, devices, wifi / broadband. Even targeting user based on demographic entities such as age, interests, etc. is something that marks the essentials of an ad server. The more targeting mechanisms, the more custom requirements it can accommodate, and thus, more clients on board.



The term precisely detailed might sound off-beat, but that is what clients seek from a quality ad server. The UI should be very user friendly as a lot of clients using the system are marketing executives with limited technological know-how. The UI has to be easy for such individuals to use as well. It must also display the maximum possible information with the minimum possible words.



The reporting has to be accurate, easy for the user to use these reports and should be well organised. many a times, these are the only entities that land up with the CFOs and CTOs and they judge the ad server based on them. So, it is very important to have a very sophisticated reporting structure.



Cross platform compatibility, such a the ad server accommodating tags from other servers, providing ad network data if the client uses them and provides reporting for them on the same platform. Technology keeps moving with every second. Continuous development to accommodate new features and abilities is a must.


Besides these there are a lot of other factors but these 5 are ones that receive the maximum consideration when a client has t choose between ad servers. A lot of clients see these factors as key features and the higher granularity within these levels, the higher are the chances of the clients choosing the ad server.

In the last 5 years, internet ad serving saw a huge shift from PCs to tablets and mobiles. An ad server which is not good with mobile platforms, does not support responsive tags or does not provide efficient in app advertising is sure to lose the race. So, gear up all developers, the future is about make you build amazing stuff and engage every  user onto their laptops, mobiles & tablets!




  1. Yes, it is! Thanks for your insights. However, most platforms have a resolution to this. In older times, it was about just sharing a “block list” , but with programmatic advertising in the equation, managing this is feasible! :)


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