An Introduction to begin with

Hi, my name is Vaibhav Pandirkar. A Computer Science Professional who currently works with technologies and businesses for internet advertising. Not a rebel, I’m just ahead of the curve! ;)

I have been inclined towards futuristic concepts in Computer Science since my College days. If you see things the way I do, the future holds a cumulative collaboration of Art and Technology. Everything that is technologically advanced will have an artistic edge and will have scope for thorough customization. Augmented reality and big data together will dominate the future computer science industry making data science the most promising field.

Will this have a positive impact on the world? Well, I doubt! Imagine a world without surprises. A world where you know what another person is doing every given time, the places they have been, the things that they have done! All this in real time as people keep updating their life status via our modern day tools. Will human discussions have that “surprising” cut? People already know everything about you, around you and related to you. This, in turn, will make actual discussions less interesting and human to human contact less effective.

On the other hand side, there is better security. You are always in touch with your loved ones and know all that they are upto. We all love to keep our near and dear ways safe and on the radar at all times, don’t we? That’s exactly where modern day technology hits the winning goal and now, once we consider this, we love technology! :P

My whole point here of showing two contradictory point of views on technology is that we, as humans, are simple! We look at things the way they are shown to us, but what we perceive is the way in which our mind processes them. Some have a clear subconscious, while for some, deception is obvious! As we battle through these wars of brains, time keeps moving and things keep changing. So here is a bottom line : World keeps moving. No matter how we deal with it, no matter we care or not, things will move leaving us no other option than to move forward with them. What should the ideal life mantra be then? Well, here is the answer that I keep telling myself, Just get philosophy out of your head! Work hard, keep learning new things, make money, keep healthy and if things work out, eventually, you get that what you desire the most – “Happiness”!

Here is a video that always keeps me excited about technology and its future. A Day Made of Glass  by CORNING



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